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Summer wine time

Published: 28/06/2023

The sun is shining and school’s out for the summer. It’s time to grab your sunglasses, wine-loving friends and a bottle (or two) and celebrate! What we want to drink changes with the seasons, as do the situations in which we do so. So let’s talk how best to enjoy a glass of wine on the beach, the best bottles for your barbecue, and what to pack for a picnic. Most importantly, smear on the suncream and stay hydrated, because no-one wants sunburn and a hangover on a beautiful summer’s morning. Let’s go!

Hit the beach

Essentials: wine cooling sleeve, corkscrew, beach umbrella

The impracticalities of enjoying a glass of wine at the beach may have you heading for the beer aisle, but bear with us when we say the word… cans. Canned wines have been improving in quality in recent years, with many great producers now in the market. Our favourite comes from Born Rosé; a beautifully pale and organic rosé from Penedés. Alternatively, pack your chosen bottle into a wine cooler sleeve and grab some reusable, unbreakable glassware from Govino (if UK- or US-based) or Bodum. Remember, even reds can benefit from some cooling if you’re heading out into warm weather.

For the beach, we love: Born Rosé Organico (or with bubbles!), Zeena Blanco, a Vinho Verde such as Anselmo Mendes Contacto Alvarinho 2022, a crisp Riesling such as Dr. Loosen Gray Slate 2021 (handily in screwtop)

Light the barbecue!

Essentials: crowdpleasing wines, paddling pool, novelty apron

A third of the guests want white because it’s hot; another third wants rosé because it’s summer; and the rest of them want red because there’s MEAT. It’s time for some flexible choices to placate the crowd. Think a full-bodied rosé that can stand up to a beef burger, a white with oak that will work with some BBQ char, or a fresh herbal red that can compliment a salad. The possibilities are endless and you don’t need to stand by the ‘white with fish, red with meat’ rule. In all likelihood, more than one bottle will be opened. So have some fun, try different combinations and make some unlikely pairings that tantalise the tastebuds.

At a BBQ, we love: Navaherreros Blanco de Bernabeleva 2021, Gran Caus Rosado 2022, Eidos Ermos Tinto 2018

Pack a picnic

Essentials: picnic blanket, coolbox, mosquito repellant

Olives? Check! Cheese? Check! Salad? Check! Tortilla? Si! What about the wine? For a proper picnic, we think sparkling is the way to go. From a fruity Prosecco to a Grand Cru Champagne, something about sitting in the grass and demolishing a Camembert makes us crave a cold glass of bubbles. The acid levels in most sparkling wines also make them ideal for rich or oily foods such as cheeses, the tuna in a salad or the eggs in a tortilla or quiche. It doesn’t need to be white either: think bubbly pink Cava, mouth-watering Lambrusco, or sparkling Aussie Shiraz. Give your picnic a celebratory air; it is summer after all!  

On a picnic, we love: Bel Star Cuvée Extradry, Vallformosa Origen Brut Rosado, André Clouet Grande Réserve Grand Cru half bottles (perfect for a picnic for two), Ceci Otello Nerodi Lambrusco

From bubbles to barbecues, and from cans to Cava, we hope with these suggestions you won’t go thirsty this summer. Tag us on Instagram to let us know what you are opening, and remember to drink responsibly in the sun! Our last suggestion is a good water bottle. Happy summer holidays! With love, the WCB team xxx

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